St Martin’s in-the-Veld

On a remarkable journey, I find myself ordained in the Anglican Church. The calling has been challenging, yet consistent. Indeed my best friend simply commented

“It’s about time”.

Here are some links of the St Martin’s Church during Covid-19 lockdown and the adaption of online services and worship.

To begin, a look at ‘Sunday as Sabbath’, how the Roman SUN day as the first day of the week became the Christian day of worship.

Sermon of 23 January looking at teh event of Jesus announcing His ministry, and include a quote from a sermon of Paddy Glover.

The Sermon of 17 October 2021 on Obedience and Responding to God – especially regarding money and lifestyle.

Preaching on 08 August 2021 on the quintessential BREAD of LIFE as the WORD of GOD.

Sermon 06 June 2021, reflecting on the family of Christ, and God – as we are all within God’s presence.

Sermon 28 March 2021, the remarkable women in the Bible.

Sermon 22 November 2020, the Feast of Christ the King, the sunday preceding Advent.`

12 July 2020 The Perception of God in Fertile Soil.

05 July 2020 07h30

05 July 2020 09h30

Sermon 30 May 2020 Pentecost 07h30

Sermon 30 May 2020 Pentecost 09h30

29 March 2020 26 April 2020